Wedding of Nick Vujicic and Kanae Miyahara

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Congratulations to Nick Vujicic and Kanae Miyaharaa on their wedding.  If you are struggling to find that special someone, take hope here!

Includes a very special documentary by Australia’s 60 minutes, to whom we give credit.

Excerpts from “Life Without Limits- How to live a ridiculously good life” (2010) authored by Nick Vujicic (Pg 9): …My parents met in a Melbourne church. My mum, Dushka, was in her second year of nursing school at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Victoria. My dad, Boris, worked in office administration and cost accounting. He later became a lay pastor in addition to his job. When I was about seven years old, my parents began considering a move to the United States because they felt there might be better access to new prosthetics and medical care to help us deal with my disabilities. My uncle Batta Vujicic had a construction and property management business in Agoura Hills just miles outside Los Angeles. Batta always told my father he’d give him a job if he could obtain a work visa. There was a large community of Serbian Christians with several churches around Los Angeles, which also appealed to my parents. My father learned that obtaining a work visa was a long, drawn-out process. He decided to apply, but in the meantime my family moved a thousand miles north 

PS: The background music is ”Childhood Memory” by Bandari.


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